Let us fit a Water Heat Pump and save up to 75% off your hot water bill

Integrated Demand Management

In response to the energy challenges facing South Africa, Eskom has established an Integrated Demand Management (IDM) division. IDM is dedicated to ensuring short-term security of electricity supply through coordinating and consolidating the various initiatives aimed at optimising energy use and balancing electricity supply and demand. A key aspect of this demand side management programme is the promotion and implementation of more energy-efficient technologies, processes and behaviours amongst all consumers.

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Small Capacity Water Heaters

–  Suitable for Residential and

–  light commercial use

–  150 & 300 litre capacities

–  810W input for 2600W capacity

Medium Range Water Heaters

–  Higher output

–  Bigger savings

–  Pump & insulated tank

–  Water heating &

–  Air conditioning


Commercial & Industrial Water heaters

–  Excellent  COP values

–  Capacities from 10kW to 77kW

–  Modular Config (up to 16 sets)



Solar integration for:

– Residential application

– Commercial application